Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Name Frame Card Case

Here's the name frame I made for a client friend of mine. I was checking my email before I made the frame and saw a card by the amazing and talented LeeAnn Greff (you can see her card here: She made a card, using strips of various of pinks and reds. When I saw the card, it hit me that it would be a perfect set up for this name frame. LeeAnn embossed the whole strip of paper of each color. My strips are much longer, so I used 7 different embossing folders to emboss just the rounded tips. I added various buttons and embellishments in a row along the bottom, just like LeeAnn did. I heat embossed the letters with black embossing powder (so they are a bit shiny, like black patent leather). So perfect for a little baby girl and will grow with her as she does.
Thanks for looking!

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Linda said...

Love it!!