Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Blowing my Own Mind!

 It struck me early this weekend that I really enjoy doing challenges and making cards.  Then it came to me: I can start making scrap book pages using challenges, too!  Brilliant, huh? Took me this long to figure this out!

Anyway, several years ago (fine! I can't handle the badgering!  It was 2006!) I went to Korea to visit my best buddy, and she and I went to China.  All along, I have been planning to make a mega scrap book of the trip.  And when is say planning, I mean buying cool things for the book: cool paper, stickers, cut outs, etc.

 This week, I made a page using the challenge over on Just Add Ink.  Ta-Da!

I did make a smash-book style scrap book for another mega trip to visit another great friend, and I made it in a very short time. I loved the freedom of not planning out every single detail just getting it done.  This challenge helped me to do that.  I just started the book.

Here's a close up!

The other cool thing about these challenges and my new discovery of creating scrapbook pages is that I plan on making a two page spread for each one (I mean, that's what I do for my scrap books.)  I haven't finished pouring through my pictures yet, but as you see, this spread is about my street sightings in Korea so I need a few more pictures from the street.
I didn't quite finish the second page of the spread.  You can see the (almost) finished page here.  It is a page of pictures, and I love the connection to the previous page with the use of the same pattered paper.  On this page, since it is a simpler set up, has the cool dragon in it.  That strip actually runs along the bottom (I am not sure why my computer didn't turn the picture the right way the way it always does.  I cannot figure out how to turn it, either, so I have to just let you know that you have to turn your head to the right to see it the way it really is).  As you can see, I have room for two more street sightings or I can add one bigger longer picture.  We'll see what I find!  :)

Thanks for looking!


Ruthy said...

Looks great Lisa, has a great Asian feel with the colours and embellishments, thanks for joining in this month's JAI scrapbook challenge - Ruthy

Anonymous said...

Love this Lisa! I agree with Ruthy that your colour scheme totally fits with the asian feel of the photos. Thanks so much for playing along with us at JAI scrapbooking.

Tina said...

LOL, I went to Paris nearly 2 years ago and have everything ready to scrap but haven't started yet! You've made a fabulous layout that works beautifully with your photos. Thanks for playing along at JAI Scrapbooking.