Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dress Up Framelits and I'm so Styling!

 So, I got a shipment from Stampin' Up on Monday.  I really don't have very much time during the week to play, but I had some time this weekend, and, boy, did I play with my new framelits, Dress Up!

I created these sweet and stylish dress frames!

How cute would these be hanging up?  Maybe a few in the bathroom?  A dressing room?  Your office?  Really, the possibilities are endless!  They'd even make a great gift!

This one is that basic, little black dress with a gray patterned DSP background.  The necklace is little black pearls.

 I love this one with grays and diamonds!  Oh-la-la!
This one is a little brighter.  This would be super cute in a little girl's room.  I could even customize the colors that would work best for your needs.

If you see something you like, email me or message me.  I can ship using the most cost effective way.  The cost varies depending on the frame used.  You could really fancy this up with a nice frame, which would be more expensive, or you could make the price a little lower by using a more economical choice for the frame.  The $10.00 for the artwork, plus the cost of the frame of your choice.  Frames range in price from $1.00 (the glass frame with clips) to less expensive plastic black frames $5.00, to fancier frames ($10-20).  I'll work with your budget and guarantee your happiness in the finished product.

Thanks for looking

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