Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Scrap Book Challenge-Clean and Simple Style

 Here's another challenge I've completed this weekend.  In case you missed my prior post, my goal is to complete a scrap book on my 2006 awesome trip to Korea and China.

This is my answer to the sketch challenge over one Clean and Simple.  I, of course, took some liberties.  I used the circle image on my cool Asian paper.  It sure is simple.  And, yes, it is clean.  Perfect.
 Here's a closer shot of the center of the page.
My goal is to make a two page spread for each challenge (again, to work on completing the book).  I certainly can't make the same thing on both pages, so here's my facing page.  I kept the circle theme going on this page and used the really cool corners on the black page that came from the same page of fancy paper as the big round dragon medallion on the prior page.

Thanks for looking!

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