Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Pass This Puck...

One of the things I am "known" for is the name frames that I make. I have made them for lots of the kids of my friends and family. In addition, I have been making them for a friend who gives them to his clients and other business connections. This is such a frame.
I get some basic information for the recipient: colors, likes, themes, and of course, their name. In this case, the child is basically a new born. But the parents are hockey fans and love the Caps. I used that information to help guide my design. I don't want the frame to be an exact replica of a team (where's the fun in designing that?) I looked at some images on Google and saw the Caps have a very American looking logo: red, white, and blue with stars.
I really like how this frame turned out. I think it has the "flavor" of the caps, the colors, the stars, the black frame (like the pucks and the sticks), but at the same time, it isn't an exact replica of the logo.
In the swish of stars under the name, I used mostly blue and white stars, and I popped some random stars up with pop dots to give dimension to the piece.
I hope the family loves it.

I thought I'd make a card for my friend to give to Riley's parents. I wanted to use the same colors and same star theme. This is what I came up with.
I used my new onsies wheel. I rolled it in Brilliant Blue (retired). Then I rolled the star front onesie in Real Red, cut it out, popped it up and stacked it on top of the blue one. I colored in some of the other pieces on the onesie.
I used a new punch I got (not SU) on a piece of Real Red. That went on a base of Brilliant Blue.
Finally, I put a piece of white printer paper inside and a blue and white star.
Thanks for looking...

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