Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am Missing My Mojo...

Has this ever happened to you?  I haven't had the opportunity to work for well over two weeks and now I have time... no mojo... I check out some blog challenges for inspiration... no mojo... I got to some of my sketches I've saved... no mojo...  I go back to  a clean and simple blog because I really need to start simple.  I've got NOTHING, people.  Nothing.

I decided to push it and went with the sketch challenge over on Clean & Simple.  They provided a nice simple sketch for me to start with.
 I have mentioned before that I am doing a card ministry: Caring Cards.  I get the names of 3 people in my church each week who could use a little love snail mail style that week and then write and send thee cards.  I love the impact this is having on the people around me and on me!  It's so awesome to do for other people.

Anyways, I am always in some need for these kinds of cards so for this batch, I looked around me at some of the hoards of stuff I have and thought, "What can I put in here?"  I've had these paper flowers for-eve-err.  So I used a big one and a small one for each card, with a snazzy brad in the center.
It was missing something (see the pink left card).  So... I went to my ribbon wall and started matching from there.

I am fairly pleased with the results, but I'm not so pleased that I know my mojo is back.

Stay tuned for the next round...
...and thanks for looking!

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