Saturday, October 8, 2011

Notebooks.... The October Class

Just look at these great little notebooks! I didn't take the picture in great detail because I am giving these to some friends and family this year for a Christmas gift...
That's right! I said Christmas! I know it's hard to believe, but it is only about 11 weeks away. By the time this class rolls around, it will be about 9 weeks away.
Picture giving a friend or family member this cute, personalized little binder with a notepad inside. You can individualize each binder you make for the recipient with color, sentiments, designs, or initials.
Here's how this will work...
I have a bunch (and I do mean a bunch) of notepads. I have matched the notepads to papers that match the colors. I have tons and tons of stamps and punches that will allow you to make the gift you give very personal for the person you plan to give it to, and I have lots and lots of ideas to help you complete your gift in a way that will make that person and you very happy.
Here are a few pictures of some of the notepads I have just to give you some ideas of what's waiting for you here.
Due to the variety of note pads I have, there is no way for you to reserve a specific notepad. It's going to be first come, first served. When you come over, you'll have a large variety of options to choose from; so many, in fact, that I am sure you'll find something that will work perfectly for you. The best part? Each note pad will cost only $5.00! Think about all those people you know who you'd like to give a little something to during the holiday season... wouldn't this be perfect? It's cute, it's hand made, and it's something the person will actually use and will definitely love.
All you need to do is let me know when you are coming. I am offering this class on Friday, October 21st, any time after 5:00 or Saturday, October 22nd at any time of the day. Please let me know when you are coming so I know to expect you! Make your holiday gift list (don't forget your coworkers, your neighbors, those people you want to remember with a little something), RSVP with me, and come get your gifts taken care of early!

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Mama Meade said...

If I can't make it to the class, can I order some?