Saturday, November 6, 2010

Co-Workers, and Stocking Stuffers, and Secret Santas... Oh, My!

I am super excited to bring you the things we are going to make for my November class. The last class that I will offer this year, and it's just perfect for the holidays! I will offer the class on Friday, November 19, from 4 pm on or Saturday November 20th all day long. Let me introduce you to all the projects...

This class will be sort of a-la-cart. If you love something, you can make as many of those things as you'd like. If you don't like something (which I seriously doubt) skip it!

All of these projects are great small gift ideas. Perfect for a co-worker or mail person. They would also be great for a stocking stuffer or even your secret Santa. In addition, they all are very quick projects to make (the first one will take less than 5 minutes), and they are very budget friendly. Read on for more details...

The first one is this aluminum snowflake Christmas tree ornament. In the center of the snowflake, you'll place a rhinestone in the color of your choice. Then you'll tie a ribbon around the snowflake (so you can hang it on the tree). Finally, you'll back the snowflake with a snowflake embossed paper. It's a perfect way to present the gift.

You get to choose the colors (which you can customize for the person you are giving it to), and the best part? Only $2.00 per ornament!

Next, there are two different sized and type of pads/notebooks for the second option for this class. There is a shorter wider little spiral notebook.

There are many different colors and patterns to choose from. These will be first come, first served. I will have a variety of options available for you to choose from; all of the options are sure to please and will be something that your family and friends will love because they are so cute and handy, too. Each one is $5.00 no matter which size you choose.

Here's a close up of the one with snowflake on it... What you can't see is the smootch spray on the snowflake. That spray makes it all sparkly and pretty-ful!

Here's a shot of the long tall notepads. We also made this notepad a few months ago in one of my classes. It is back by special request. This time, there is a holiday/winter flair available. But, again, lots of color options to choose from...

Finally, this is the third thing that will be available to make at the class. I have these cute little stretch gloves, and you'll add toppers to them to make a sweet little gift. Once again, the colors vary (of both the gloves and the matching paper): first come, first served. These are sure to please, and oh-so-cute, but what you'll love even more is that it is only $5.00 for each pair of gloves.

There are pink gloves, purple stripped gloves, all brown gloves, white gloves, and the list goes on.
I hope you'll come and join me! You could get quite a few people crossed off your list before Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Think about that! Also can you imagine the pride you'll feel when the recipient of the gift is gushing about how cute it is is and you say, "I made that for you!"
Please let me know if you are coming over! I'd love to have you! Please RSVP with me to let me know that you are coming. You don't have to let me know what you want to make. I will have everything ready, you just come and choose what you like.
Hope to see you soon!

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Molly said...

I LOVE all of those, especially the snowflakes. I SO wish I could come to your class. :(